Marsden Park Public School

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General school information

Below are a list of general information that may be beneifical for parents, carers, students and the community to know.


The senior students conduct Assemblies every second Friday from 2.20pm to 3.20pm. Awards, certificates and rewards are distributed on these occasions. Parents are most welcome to attend.

Changed circumstances

It is important that our records are kept up to date. Please notify any change of address, telephone number, mobile telephone number, work telephone number and emergency contact person. We must be able to contact someone in an emergency!  The school also must have current custody/access information. All relevant court orders if applicable are kept – see Principal for more specific information.


The Principal must authorise all excursions. Written permission is gained in early first term for local student movements but further permission must be gained for any movements outside the immediate area. Full school uniform is to be worn when the children are representing the school at any function or event, unless otherwise notified.

Mobile phones

It is not necessary for your child to have a mobile phone.  At request by a child, parents may be contacted by the office. All electronic devices must be left in the office for safe keeping.

Permission notes

All permission notes are sent home on green coloured paper. This signifies to all families that it needs to be read, signed and returned to school promptly. All green notes require your signature and return even if your child is not participating in the activity.

Personal belongings

Please ensure that all personal belongings are clearly labelled with your child’s name. Laundry markers are the best method. Everything needs a label - including shoes.


Presentation is held at the end of the school year.  It is held on the school grounds during the day.  Awards, the induction of school captains and the announcement of dux take place. The annual presentation represents a wonderful opportunity for the whole school community to come together to celebrate the achievements of our students and school for the past year.


At Home: If there is a change in your child’s life which affects their emotional wellbeing please let us know. Children’s behaviour and ability to work at school will be affected by disturbances in their lives.

At School: If a problem arises, please contact the Principal or classroom teacher so that the matter can be investigated. Please, never confront a teacher in the presence of your child. For your child’s wellbeing and continued adjustment to school, it is essential that he/she always sees co-operation between teachers and parents. 


Please do not send any expensive toys to school for your child to play with. Toy guns, swords, weapons are not permitted at school for work health and safety reasons.