Marsden Park Public School

Every child, every chance, every day

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Principal's message

It is wonderful that we at Marsden Park Public School will have the opportunity, over the next seven years, to get to know both yourselves and your children and we are looking forward to welcoming you into our strong, committed school community.

We feel very fortunate, as a school community, to have the opportunities we do at this school. We offer:

  • an experienced and committed staff
  • an exciting curriculum that offers diversity whilst still proving quality instruction in the basic skills
  • a school that is resourced to meet the needs of every individual child
  • a level of support from our parent community that assists us greatly in the provision of programs, fundraising and instilling a sense of pride in the achievements of our students through the interest and support shown for our wider activities
  • a wonderful, comfortable, inclusive school environment. 

We are proud of our school and of the children, who surprise, entertain and enlighten us year after year. We hope that you will join us in further building this pride and a better school over your time with us here.

Development of students

We aim to enhance the development of your child in five ways:

  • Intellectually: In achieving an academic progression that represents fulfilment of their potential in all facets of the curriculum, building upon existing skills and encouraging a love for continued learning.
  • Socially: In developing in each child a social responsibility with a positive attitude towards and tolerance of others, participating effectively in individual, co-operative and team pursuits.
  • Emotionally: In encouraging stability and happiness in our everyday school climate and working towards the achievement of the skills required to cope with life beyond school.
  • Physically: In striving for the achievement of each student’s physical potential, along a progression of gross and fine motor skills, and building an awareness and commitment to happy, healthy lifestyle choices.
  • Creatively: In expressing their individuality through an awareness and appreciation of themselves, their experiences and the world around them.

Let me take this opportunity, as Principal, to offer you the chance to become involved in our school community. The staff of Marsden Park Public School is very receptive to your involvement and interest. We believe the closer we can work together for the benefit of your child’s education, the greater the rewards that your child will gain from their time here.

I look forward to seeing you around the school and discussing the progress of your child with you.

Yours sincerely,