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Sustainability at MPPS

Sustainability at our school

Education for Sustainability is an educational approach that aims to develop our students with the values and motivation to build awareness and knowledge on sustainability issues and to take action. It seeks to develop students who are able to think critically, innovate and provide solutions towards more sustainable patterns of living for the 21st century. At Marsden Park Public School we aim to have sustainable practices to reduce waste, learn about global issues and teach our students about where food comes from. We have a fruit orchard, vegetable garden and worm composting system that work together with our Chicken House. 

We fund our sustainability program through the sale of our produce at student run market stalls and the Return and Earn 10c container refund program. We are very proud of the things we grow and the work we put in to looking after our school environment. We aim to empower our students to transform their community and become global citizens by learning about sustainability. 


MPPS is involved in sustainability through the love and care of chickens. Students learn about how to care for chickens with basics such as feed and water. The school has a long history with chicken caretaking and showing birds at poultry shows. Left over vegetable and fruit scraps from the garden and crunch n sip are fed to the chickens and in return we are rewarded with some beautiful eggs. The Marsden Hen House is currently home to a few different breeds of chickens.

Isa Browns

We adopted some Isa Browns from a rescue agency, these girls were from an egg production farm and have an enjoyable life at MPPS with the students. They are super clever and know when you have food and have even learnt to untie a shoelace if you give them the time. When they first arrived they were a little on the skinny side and had lost many of their feathers, now they look great with all the care and love the children provide.

Japanese Bantams

The Japanese Bantams are what the school was previously known for in the poultry showing world. As there is a push from the curriculum for more learning about sustainability there will be less of a focus on the breeding of Japanese Bantams and the competitive showing of them, however the Japanese Bantams that call MPPS home will continue to enjoy being cared for by the children. The Bantams enjoy flying up high in their pen and like to be the ones watching the children from above.

Chinese Silkies

Chinese Silkies are the new breeding and competitive showing avenue. Due to their friendly and cuddly nature they make excellent pets and the children enjoy watching their little pom poms sway in the wind. Often there will be an incubator full of silkie eggs and the MPPS Hen Hut will welcome in some cuddly fluffy babies. This breed is enjoyable as there are a range of colours of feathers and the Silkie is known for their different coloured skin, which is blue!